How Monks and Lay Brothers Lived
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A White Monk
The Abbot ordaining a priest
 How the Cistercian (White Monks) and Lay Brothers used to live
All drawings by James Askew
A monk praying
A monk with lantern – one of the ways of lighting the abbey
The cantor conducting the singing
One of the teacher / monks
“oops in the library” – a monk spills some ink
A monk in the Warming House
The sacristan
The cellarer receiving goods
The cellarer doing his book keeping
Eating and drinking in the Refectory
The guest master welcoming guests
Nursing in the Infirmary
Asleep in the “loo”
White Monks
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How the lay brothers used to live
A shepherd
Looking after his sheep
Sheep shearing
Felling trees.
The blacksmith
Setting off for work on the land
Digging turf
The saddler
Brewing beer
Gathering in the harvest
Tasting the soup
A labourer
Working in the quarries
Lay Brothers