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Alice Leach 1929-2014

Alice Leach was a born and bred Barrovian who was immensely proud of her town. While she was still teaching Alice gained a BA degree with the Open University. In the early 1980's her books in the "Our Barrow" series traced the development of Barrow Village, Barrow Island, Salthouse and Hindpool. Alice went on to write many books about local history, all of which reflected her meticulous research, particularly in relation to Furness Abbey.
Alice was one of the founding members of the Civic Society and as well as taking on the role of Secretary, she soon also became Chairperson. In 1990 the society added the words "and Local History" to its title. Alice worked tirelessly for the society, arranging the programme of lectures, guided walks and tours, both home and abroad.
Alice became recognised as an authority on the history of Barrow and inspired others to appreciate the rich heritage of the town. For those wishing to research local history online, Alice was keen for the society's website to be a readily available source of accurate historical information. It is a reflection of the decades she spent researching local history and is a lasting tribute to a truly remarkable woman.