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A Brief History
Cistercian History and an Appraisal
 The Abbey A-Z
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Rev. Canon J. Watson (Parish Priest of St. Mary’s RC Church, Barrow)
David Bishop
Trevor Green
Graham Watkins
Denise Dawson
Irene Cutcliffe

Photography by Roy Chatfield unless otherwise stated.

Art Work by James Askew unless otherwise stated.

Bill Myers NW Evening Mail Memories’ page writer.

While every effort has been made to receive permission for some photographs to be included (for instance, the rood screen at Aysgarth Church), this has not always been possible.

Mrs. Anne Bowyer and Mr. Joe Taylor.


I must thank David Bishop first for his unfailing support of my work over the years and for his invaluable contribution to this ebook.

A big thank you to the N.W. Evening Mail for permission to reproduce some photographs and text from the newspaper, and to Barrow Borough Council for giving me permission to use extracts from “Barrow and District”.

To Trevor Green, an expert on Cistercian abbeys, who has shared his knowledge with me over a long period. Through him I got to know the three monks from Mt. St. Bernard when he brought them to Furness Abbey in 1984, so many thanks Trevor.

To the Cistercian monks of Mt. St. Bernard who made me most welcome at their abbey and allowed me to do my research I also say thank you.
I am indebted to the creator of this web site, Neal Hardy for reproducing the text, and pictures and mostly for his time and patience.

(Thank you Alice.  I created this web site using Serif Web Plus X4.  I have had tremendous fun in doing it and at the same time learnt a lot about the Abbey!  Neal)

I am grateful to Denise and Irene for their continuing support.

Last but not least a special thank you to my son, Peter for his patience, and for the many times he has helped me with my limited computer skills.